Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Most Shocking Day In My Life, Please I NEED COMMENTS here!!

Hello people,

On **-May-08 ( I don’t want to say which day it was, I just want to keep it for myself).
Something happened to me was very shocking and made me feel so damn bad, even the feeling I had was worse than the day when my family got threatened and worse than the day that those mother fuckers burned our house and its worse than when I felt so many times I am almost dead…

The most shockingly day to me is when I was at the college and I saw Amy walking with someone, she was always talking bad about that person, she used to say he is so fat and he doesn’t respect her and she dislikes him..

Yea people, I saw Amy walking with someone alone in the college and she saw me and she just said hi and smiled..
I've tried to act like I don’t give a damn fuck abut she and I really did but how much stress I had, I bled from my nose cuz I had hypertension that day!

The day before that I saw her for the first time when I returned after 2 months absence, she was walking alone and I was walking alone also, then she was in my way and I was thinking should I say hi to her or not? then I said fuck it, tell her hi.. I told her hello Amy, and then she turned around and looked at me and she was like H-H-HHHello Sam, I told her " take it easy and take a breath" she was like when did u come back? I told her 2 days ago but I just came to the college today, then she said what's wrong with your voice? I told her I got flu, then I told her all right c ya, bye..

She wanted to keep talking to me but I didn’t want to give her more chances to hurt me and reliving the memories of the old days, then I walked away and she did also, I won't let u to hurt me anymore Amy, I AM FUCKIN WON'T LET U..

at that day she didn’t look pretty she was normal and she had her Maroon jacket on, but the next day when I saw her with that fat ass boy, she looked nice, she had a beautiful make up on her eyes as I used to tell her and she wore a black body shirt, I used to tell her the black looks beautiful on u..

The most shocking think is when we broke up she told me Sam I can't walk with boys anymore alone or sitting together alone.. but on **-May-08 I saw her with him ALONE walking together.. she is a LIAR, CHEATER, DEVIL and UNFAITHFUL..

For all what she's done to me, if she wanted to come back to me, I'll take her back but she got to apologize and answer my questions and tell me it was not her who did all that to me..
Anyways after like 45 minutes I left the college and in the meantime my girlfriend(I call her Becky) called me, she was asking me how was I doing? I told her Becky with no offence, all the girls cheaters and liars.. she laughed and said "Sam not all".. and she asked me anything happened between Amy and u? I told her what I've seen.. she said "she just want to piss u off and don’t worry about it and live your life and smile".. I told her yea u right and its ok cuz God is unfair with me, so how the fuck I except she could be fair with me??!!..

Then Becky kept sending me SMS's with jokes trying to comfort me, I really like Becky she is cool but I'm lying to her, I keep telling that I love her but I really don’t and the problem is she loves me.. I'm thinking in telling her the truth once I get over Amy 100%..

I'd like to talk lil bit abut Becky, she is 19 years old she lives in the Green Zone, her mom divorced, and her mom works as a Senator in the Iraqi Senators Council..

She is beautiful blonde and she is so open minded girl.. she hates Muslims like I do.. we got things in common like loving the Foreign Music.. she helped me a lot in forgetting and not caring about Amy.. but I'm a bad dude I always lie to her in telling her I love u and blah blah blah..

Anyways I got back home and I slept without eating my launch for like 2 hours and then my cousin called me and said: hey Sam when the hell we are going to hang out? I told him I'll be at your house in 30mins..

I had my launch and then fired my engine and headed to my cousin.. then I told him bro I want to be wasted and feeling high tonight.. he said YEA that’s what I'm talking about..
We went to smoke Hookah (Nergielah), and it was the 1st time I smoke it since a year..
I put a drugs pill inside my hookah and start smoking it and it’s the first time I do such a thing like this, I was high as fuck, I couldn’t walk good and I couldn’t talk right.. I was really lost.. and I forgot totally abut all the pain in my heart... it made me feel so damn good..
The problem we got in is I had to drive back home for like more than 30 minutes driving to home.. I washed my face so many times and I drank a hot tea.. then I told my cousin hey mother fucker open your eyes with me I don’t wanna hit my car asshole.. he said yea damn fuck just drive slow..

I drove like a crazy I was messing with people walking on the pavements and scaring the shit out of them.. then finally we got home safely, we entered the house at 9:30pm and its too late in Baghdad..
Then I had my dinner and then start playing in my small guitar trying to express my sadness and misery..
Becky called me at about midnight and I talked to her till 530 AM and then I slept for only one hour, I didn’t tell her I'm going to college in the morning, I just told her too late, then she said I'm so sorry Sam and she called again to wake me up then I went to college.. I went to college and I was sleepy and tired as fuck..
At 20-May-08 I saw Amy at the college with another boy alone too..
after that i saw her alone and then i went to talk to her, i told her may i talk to u for lil bit? she said why?i said just a few words to say and i dont need answer from u.. she said wat u want? i told her " nice fat ass boyfriend, and i wish u a miserable life with him.." she said wat boyfriend?? then i just turned around and faded away.. i felt so good when i told her that cuz i cudnt keep it in my heart..

I'll play last 2 songs for u Amy..1st one is The Last Song I'm Wasting For You, for Amy lee(EVANESCENCE) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPNArAVAeGM … and Arabic Iraqi Song for Haitham Yusif, Kadhabah (Liar), if u watch this video clip u'll see the same thing what happened to me.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uY8CJ19u4LI ..its the song u gave it to me Amy and u said u can't be ever a liar to me as the song says. But this is what u r now!! A god damn LIAR!!

Amy I just have one question, in the past 3 years were there lies and acting or u really loved me and liked me? I know I'll never get an answer and I'll never go and ask her, cuz she'll hurt me again.. u just so pretty in your PAIN..
I found my way out and I'll never need u again.. but I MISS U Amy, I miss u to DEATH..
But I tell myself I'm not missing u, I hope you are missing me and realizing how much I was good with u and how much u hurt me!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guess who?

Who would have thought that I would be involved in such an action like that?

Did I feel safe when I carried those two rifles? Or scared?


This is me holding the gun.. u know what I didn't know what was I thinking I just wanted to hold 2 guns and cover all my face so I would look like the gangsters, it was inside the guarding tower which we always get shot at, and I really love to be there cuz action happens there and I love action. LOL

See you after Exams :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Americans most favorite questions to the interpreters

Hello all,

I brought bunch FAQ that I and other interpreters get from Americans…but I attached my answers only regarding my point of views!

1. How old r u?

2. Where r u from?

3. What’s ur real name?

4. Why did u pick up this nickname?

5. Why do you wear a mask, to cover ur face?

6. Do you have a girlfriend? R you virgin? If not, how many times u've had sex and with whom? Do Iraqis eat the front and the back of the girl?
7. Do u drink alcohol &do u smoke weed?
8. Can u get us a bitch or do u know a whore house here?

9. Why do u work as an interpreter?

10. do u like ur work?

11. do u feel that u r a disloyal like the local national people call u?

12. do u think now is better or Saddam's time was better?

13. Why do Iraqis know only specific words in English such as:-

14. Mister, Madam, Football, Chocolate and give me?

15. Do u feel safe and secure while u r working with us?

16. Ain't u scared from death?

17. R u proud to be Iraqi and a Muslim?

18. do u want to go to the States?

19. Is ur job as an interpreter helps u to go to the States?
when are u going home?

20. Why u dont join the Iraqi Army?

21. why do Iraqis get scared from telling us abut the bad guys?

Here are My answers

Absolutely there is difference between my answers and other interpreters' answers..
1. I always say how old u think? they say like 22 or 23..i say negative i'm 20 years and I'll be 21 next August
2. From Baghdad
3. I always say my real name and my nickname is my real name too cuz Sam is short for my long name.
4. I wont say my long name here!!
5. so the Iraqis won't recognize me and snipe me when I get home and kills me and kill my family cuz am a terp
6. I usually say yes I have girlfriend but to be honest "a girlfriend' term doesn't mean what it means in the States, well I used to have a girlfriend but we broke up recently. To be so honest, yes I'm virgin but I say no I'm not. I say I had sex only twice in my life cuz our customs is hard in Iraq and its not easy to sleep with a girl and u got to sleep with her from the back so she can still virgin!! I say for myself I do and I like to do it but I don't know about other ppl!!..(but in the fact I'm virgin and I feel lil bit shame to say virgin to Americans cuz they'll think I'm weird or something!!
* I remember once we were bullshitting and one of the soldiers who is 23 years said he is virgin and I was like thanks god I'm not the only virgin here!! then everybody turned to me and they said "Sam u r a virgin??" I was like FUCK NO dawg im just kidding lol!!)
7. They love asking do u know where is the whore house? I always say dude if I know where is it at I won't stay here with u, u'll find me there having fun while u here beating off ur meat..
8. No I don't drink and I don't do drugs but I'll when I get the hell out of this place!!
9. I work cuz I need money and I want to revenge from the insurgents cuz they fucked up my life and I hate them to death.
10. I don't really like it cuz I hate military life.
11. After the invasion I said thanks god there is no more Saddam army, I don't have to be in the army anymore, but now I'm working with the hardest military in the world US Army and US Marines!!..
12. No, I feel proud for what I'm doing cuz I'm doing this to myself and to my family and I'm not ashamed from what I'm doing cuz I'm convinced that I'm not doing wrong thing, I'm just a guy wants to have a nice life, that's all!!
13. to be honest, Saddam's time was way better to me and to my family, cuz in his time there was security and no1 fucks with u only if u fuck with Saddam's govt. so if u wanted live in peace just stay away from Saddam and his men but now u got to stay away from the whole Iraq to be in peace..
14. I don't really know why these words r the only ones they know, next time we stop by some1 ask me to ask him, why most of the Iraqis know only these words?
15. yes I do, sometimes not really but I force myself to believe I'm safe with u guys so I can have full self-confidence of myself..

16. Dude I'm dead long time ago, since we left our houses and my life got fucked up, so im not really scared and sometimes I pray to die, seriously I do, I feel the death walks with me and so many times I felt the death angel walks in front of my sight, specially when we get clashes and gunfight, I see my life flashes in my eyes and when I really feel am so close to death, i say God plz I don't want to die yet for heaven and my mom's sake, after everything goes well I just feel how much life is priceless and it is worth to live, just when I taste the death I feel the good flavor of the life, then I wish and fight just to stick alive..

17. Frankly? sometimes I feel I'm not proud to be a Muslim or Iraqi for all the wrong things I see during this job from ppl calling themselves Muslims. so I don't feel proud to be a Muslim and there are ppl like these bastards Muslims too. honestly I hate Muslims but I don't hate Islam, cuz Muslims nowadays don't follow the real Islam. yea sometimes I don't feel proud to be Iraqi either and a Muslim, I'm sorry for myself..
18. hell yea every1 in the world wants to go the states, dude anywhere BUT here!!.

19. no not really, it'll if I'm lucky enough but I'm not that lucky. I don't know really when, but I think when I put my plans in time and I get enough money to do something that I want to do like college issues.

20. I hate military life, I hate to be told hey do this do that, even as an interpreter but I'm doing it not forever just till I get enough and find another civilian job..

21. I think because Iraqis think that Americans do all the bombs and they in charge of killing the innocents or something like this. that is what I hear of course, some of them don't report because they are the family of those insurgents, or because they are poor and getting paid by the bad guys in order not to tell…who knows!
I know I might hurt some people through my answers and my concepts but I promised that I'll say only the truth about myself in my blog even if it makes me look bad person or whatever..
As I always say, I'm not ashamed to be the person who I'm today no matter what people think how bad or good I'm. its just me, myself, its just Sam!!..