Monday, July 14, 2008

My Trip Story Back to Work!!

hello fellas,
As i did my trip story back home, now i'll do my trip story back to work..
I'll start here from the last day i was in college and it was at 3rd-July-08..
my last day at the college was cool, i realy spent good time with Amy and i wished that i'll keep seeing here and not goin back to work so i wont be absence for god knows howlong!!
then i gave Amy a ride to her home, and in the car i wanted the last day will be lil bit special and i wanted to hold her hand but she didnt let me!! it was kinda alright cuz i understand why she didnt let me holding her hands..
Amy's home far like 15 mins or less driving from the college, i told her i wish u live so far from college cuz we reach ur home in short time and i wish to spend more time with u..
we reached her home and she opened the car door and she told me I love u Sam and i cudnt answer her cuz i was feeling so happy and sad in the same time, happy cuz she said i luv u and sad cuz i knew i wont see her till god knows when!!
she went in her house and i drove my car and i cried lil bit cuz i missed her..
in the meantime i called my guys that i work with and i told them that i wanna go back at sunday but our CO (Commander Officer) said Sam shud be back at Saturday not Sunday, i said alright..
Anyways i reached home and at then i called Amy's dad and i told him that i wanna see him..he said alright..
at 6 p.m that day i went to see Amy's dad to tell him wat im going to do..
I told him im goin back to my work cuz i didnt find another job yet and we talked abut other things..I like Amy's dad he is so cool guy and i like his words and sometimes i wish i just stay talking to him over and over again..
He said alright Sam but becareful out there and we will be worry abut u..
i told him i'll be alright dont be worry, i wont do crazy things anymore lol..
at 3rd-July Amy gave me her phone#.. all the time since we got back together i didnt have her #..but she gave it to me that day..
and at 5th-July Amy called me for the 1st time since we got back together and we talked for hours and it was the happiest phone call i ever had..
At 5th July in the morning i had to be ready for leaving home..
i was packing my bags and then dad walked in my room and he said wat u doin? i told him packing my bags and getting ready to leave..
he said u not leaving, i was like dad u got be kidding..
then i got in argument with dad for like hour and then he said alright u can go but only one month and u'll never go back to that work!!
i told him am sorry i wont quit only if i have another well-paid job..
he said no u not goin again only this month!!
i told him i'll think abut it..
i had to leave at 1p.m and my step brother was goin to give me a ride..
then leavein time arrived and i had to say good bye to my family..
i huged my mom and i kissed her and i kissed her hands and i told her to pray for me..
i kissed dad too and i kissed his hands too..and i said bye to my sisters..
then i huged my sister's daughter and she is like 1year old and she like knew im leaving for long time.. she cried and she was huging me so hard, she never did that be4 to me..
i realy thank God so much for having such a nice family..
then i left home and me and my step brother headed to the base that i work and its like 2 hours far driving from my home without traffic-jam..
then i got to my outpost base..
i walked in and i met the officers and they were soooo happy for my coming back and they were like we so glad to have u back Sam, welcome back Sam..i was like thanx!!
i realy didnt expect that warm welcoming!!
but they realy need me thats why!!
Anyways the day after i wore the microwave uniform lol as i call it cuz the uniform is sooooo hot and the vest and the helmet...i was like Alright lets do this shit again and i wish i know when i'll stop wearing and doin this job!! and i started going out and doin missions..
thats pretty much all my trip story back to work!!

Sam U.S Army Terp