Friday, October 9, 2009

I Fuckin Made it!! Thanx GOD!!

Finally I passed!!!
I'm now in the last year in college, in graduation year!!!!, the year after i'll be inhsalla a fuckin computers engineer!!!lol..
Oh My God! I jst cant wait to graduate and get a well paid job with foreign companies! and get a realy good pay, pay that makes me rich fast!!lol, damn dude, i can't fuckin wait..
getting a job better then interpretiation!! fuckin great man!!

Here i want thank all my friends that stood with me during my exams, and u ppl, my blog readers..
u ppl were the best supporter i ever had!
u ppl kept me motivated and kept me having hope!
i want thank my friends and my Heroine, she was and she is and she will be the great girl i've ever seen..
Heroine was always waking me up in phone calls, always tellin me to concetrate and study, always keeping me having hope and believe that i'll pass this year, she trusted myself more then i did to myself!!
I admit here,i'm without Heroine will be not able to pass this year, i passed bcuz of her!

thanx again everybody and very big thanx to God, my family and Heroine..

Sam, 75% Computers Engineer lOoOl!!
jst one year more and i'll be 100%, lol