Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Americans most favorite questions to the interpreters

Hello all,

I brought bunch FAQ that I and other interpreters get from Americans…but I attached my answers only regarding my point of views!

1. How old r u?

2. Where r u from?

3. What’s ur real name?

4. Why did u pick up this nickname?

5. Why do you wear a mask, to cover ur face?

6. Do you have a girlfriend? R you virgin? If not, how many times u've had sex and with whom? Do Iraqis eat the front and the back of the girl?
7. Do u drink alcohol &do u smoke weed?
8. Can u get us a bitch or do u know a whore house here?

9. Why do u work as an interpreter?

10. do u like ur work?

11. do u feel that u r a disloyal like the local national people call u?

12. do u think now is better or Saddam's time was better?

13. Why do Iraqis know only specific words in English such as:-

14. Mister, Madam, Football, Chocolate and give me?

15. Do u feel safe and secure while u r working with us?

16. Ain't u scared from death?

17. R u proud to be Iraqi and a Muslim?

18. do u want to go to the States?

19. Is ur job as an interpreter helps u to go to the States?
when are u going home?

20. Why u dont join the Iraqi Army?

21. why do Iraqis get scared from telling us abut the bad guys?

Here are My answers

Absolutely there is difference between my answers and other interpreters' answers..
1. I always say how old u think? they say like 22 or 23..i say negative i'm 20 years and I'll be 21 next August
2. From Baghdad
3. I always say my real name and my nickname is my real name too cuz Sam is short for my long name.
4. I wont say my long name here!!
5. so the Iraqis won't recognize me and snipe me when I get home and kills me and kill my family cuz am a terp
6. I usually say yes I have girlfriend but to be honest "a girlfriend' term doesn't mean what it means in the States, well I used to have a girlfriend but we broke up recently. To be so honest, yes I'm virgin but I say no I'm not. I say I had sex only twice in my life cuz our customs is hard in Iraq and its not easy to sleep with a girl and u got to sleep with her from the back so she can still virgin!! I say for myself I do and I like to do it but I don't know about other ppl!!..(but in the fact I'm virgin and I feel lil bit shame to say virgin to Americans cuz they'll think I'm weird or something!!
* I remember once we were bullshitting and one of the soldiers who is 23 years said he is virgin and I was like thanks god I'm not the only virgin here!! then everybody turned to me and they said "Sam u r a virgin??" I was like FUCK NO dawg im just kidding lol!!)
7. They love asking do u know where is the whore house? I always say dude if I know where is it at I won't stay here with u, u'll find me there having fun while u here beating off ur meat..
8. No I don't drink and I don't do drugs but I'll when I get the hell out of this place!!
9. I work cuz I need money and I want to revenge from the insurgents cuz they fucked up my life and I hate them to death.
10. I don't really like it cuz I hate military life.
11. After the invasion I said thanks god there is no more Saddam army, I don't have to be in the army anymore, but now I'm working with the hardest military in the world US Army and US Marines!!..
12. No, I feel proud for what I'm doing cuz I'm doing this to myself and to my family and I'm not ashamed from what I'm doing cuz I'm convinced that I'm not doing wrong thing, I'm just a guy wants to have a nice life, that's all!!
13. to be honest, Saddam's time was way better to me and to my family, cuz in his time there was security and no1 fucks with u only if u fuck with Saddam's govt. so if u wanted live in peace just stay away from Saddam and his men but now u got to stay away from the whole Iraq to be in peace..
14. I don't really know why these words r the only ones they know, next time we stop by some1 ask me to ask him, why most of the Iraqis know only these words?
15. yes I do, sometimes not really but I force myself to believe I'm safe with u guys so I can have full self-confidence of myself..

16. Dude I'm dead long time ago, since we left our houses and my life got fucked up, so im not really scared and sometimes I pray to die, seriously I do, I feel the death walks with me and so many times I felt the death angel walks in front of my sight, specially when we get clashes and gunfight, I see my life flashes in my eyes and when I really feel am so close to death, i say God plz I don't want to die yet for heaven and my mom's sake, after everything goes well I just feel how much life is priceless and it is worth to live, just when I taste the death I feel the good flavor of the life, then I wish and fight just to stick alive..

17. Frankly? sometimes I feel I'm not proud to be a Muslim or Iraqi for all the wrong things I see during this job from ppl calling themselves Muslims. so I don't feel proud to be a Muslim and there are ppl like these bastards Muslims too. honestly I hate Muslims but I don't hate Islam, cuz Muslims nowadays don't follow the real Islam. yea sometimes I don't feel proud to be Iraqi either and a Muslim, I'm sorry for myself..
18. hell yea every1 in the world wants to go the states, dude anywhere BUT here!!.

19. no not really, it'll if I'm lucky enough but I'm not that lucky. I don't know really when, but I think when I put my plans in time and I get enough money to do something that I want to do like college issues.

20. I hate military life, I hate to be told hey do this do that, even as an interpreter but I'm doing it not forever just till I get enough and find another civilian job..

21. I think because Iraqis think that Americans do all the bombs and they in charge of killing the innocents or something like this. that is what I hear of course, some of them don't report because they are the family of those insurgents, or because they are poor and getting paid by the bad guys in order not to tell…who knows!
I know I might hurt some people through my answers and my concepts but I promised that I'll say only the truth about myself in my blog even if it makes me look bad person or whatever..
As I always say, I'm not ashamed to be the person who I'm today no matter what people think how bad or good I'm. its just me, myself, its just Sam!!..


Blogger Mister Ghost said...

Hey Sam,
That's pretty interesting.
You were honest in your answers.
That's all you can be.
You did good.

Thursday, May 08, 2008 12:13:00 AM  
Blogger iraqi-translator said...

Hey man, how r u doing?
You did a good job.
Hi, mister ghost,how are you?
My view point about your questions:
1- Older than Sam(lol)
2- Originaly I'm from Baghdad
3- Even my coworkers untill now they don't know my real name, you can call me Sami.
4-Because It's easy for Iraqis and Americans
5- So nobody can recognize us,if you wear a mask you'll feel as a prisoner during the work but you'll be free when you get back to your civilian life.
6- That was a great question,I don't have a girlfriend,when they asked me,I told them, Yes, I have.
to be honest with the readers, I have but she is not a girlfriend,I agree with you Sam.
Yes and Yes, I'm virgin,I never be ashamed when I told them that,I told them,It's our culture.
I never have sex with any girl.
I don't know, I'll ask married interpreters about that, but I think they don't do that!!!
7- Hell NO, untill now!!!
8- If they ask me this question I'll tell them, go to the Green Zone(lol)
9- My answer is the same answer in application paper: Money and Immigration.
10- It doesn't matter.
11-They tried to convince me,but I know myself.
12-Of course, Saddam's time.
13-Because that what they need from Americans,football and chocolate and of course don't forget " give me".
15- Actually, we are emotional people,for me I rely on Allah(God), our supporter,how can I feel safe and secure and my family don't feel safe and secure.
How can feel safe and secure with something called (IED)!!!.
16- We are friends!
17- Muslim,Yes
But Iraqi,I don't think so specialy after I've seen our Iraqi people during my job.
18- If It's possible , why not!
19- The same SAM's Answer.
20- Because I'm not trust them.
21- the same SAM's Answer.
Finaly, I'd like to say, thank you SAM,and be sure Allah will help and protect us, if we didn't hurt innocent people.
Of course dude,I'll be contact with you always,see you later.

Thursday, May 08, 2008 4:53:00 AM  
Blogger RhusLancia said...

Nice work, Sam and Sami!

#22, follow up to #12... do you think it'll be better when security returns?

#23, do you think Iraq will work as a democracy?

#24, do you have any personal animosity towards the Americans for what's happened?

Stay safe you two!

Thursday, May 08, 2008 9:55:00 AM  
Blogger admiyo said...

Here is a question I think most people in America would like to have answered?

What should America do in Iraq in the future? Should America stay? Should America get out as fast as possible?

By the way, great work guys. Thanks for writing, and thanks for being so courageous to do the job that you do.

Thursday, May 08, 2008 6:17:00 PM  
Blogger Mister Ghost said...

Hi Iraqi Translator,
How are you doing?
It's a bit confusing with two
Iraqi Translators. LOL.
Reminds me of a Doctor Who show,
when they had five different Doctor Whos running around :)
Those were good answers too.

Thursday, May 08, 2008 7:40:00 PM  
Blogger iraqi-translator said...

First of all,Hi Sam,rhuslancia,admiyo,mister ghost.

22-Honestly, if the security returns,Baghdad will be like New York as someone of my team said,at that time,I'll be the happiest person in the world.

23- May be one day(after 20 years) ,Iraq will work as a democracy.

24- No,let me tell you something, for me I don't have personal animosity towards Americans people, even towards US Army, but I'll never forget what did they do in Abu Ghraib,Ramadi, Hadetha, all that shit,to be more honest with you,my team is pretty good,I have seen a lot of teams treat Iraqis like slaves, sometimes I don't like the US army but not the people in States.

25- right Now, America should be stay in Iraq.

allright Sam, take car body!

Friday, May 09, 2008 4:46:00 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

wassup fellas,
am sorry for being late cuz ive been busy and i'll ans shortly here cuz i cant stay long..
22-hell YEA..iraq nice place there is sooooooo many damn resources in iraq that can improve iraq better and better..
23-no, not now not later as long as there is uneduacated ppl lives in iraq and still believing in tribe and religion and other stupied not sayin religion is stupid but wat i mean is Religion shud separated from the politics..and i dont mean relgion cant handle the politics but i mean there is no good ppl can use the relgion in good way with politics, so lets just keep it away and live in peace..
24- no i do not, i dont hate anybody only the ones who hurts me!!and i believe wats goin on in iraq not cuz the Americans its sadly cuz us cuz iraqis..there is ppl lie to Americans and tell them things and Americans believe them and they do it and its as i said sadly most of the worng thing US do cuz iraqis tell them this..and Americans doesnt knw realy wat is right cuz its diffrent language and diffrent culture..there is diffrent between state and other state in culture and customs,imagine 8000miles far wat it cud be??!!
and i say SHIT HAPPENS..
25- no US came here and i didnt tell them to come here...no1 of my family or friends told US to come America have to finish her job&make it right, then US can leave..US chosed to come to iraq, so it have to make her job well-done..not hey i give up im pulling out..i had enough, am scared blab blab blab la..
i think thats it..
Hey Sami take care the way if u still in college u have to go on leave soon cuz final exams comin bro, im leaving hopfully soon..i hope to fly out within next 5 days..
yw bro,inshallah god protect us and we always shud stay motivated and keep sayin NO FEAR!! lol..
c ya everybody..

Friday, May 09, 2008 7:06:00 PM  
Blogger Jeffrey said...


Very interesting reading. I've punched you up on the Iraqi Bloggers Central blogroll, and we'll try to send you more readers.

Jeffrey Schuster
Iraqi Bloggers Central


Sunday, May 11, 2008 7:06:00 AM  
Blogger iraqi-translator said...

Wow, as you said, NO FEAR,GOD BLESS(lol).
Thanks man,I've heard about final exams,thanks for notification.
Take it easy man, let me know how the final exams going with you.
See you bro

Sunday, May 11, 2008 5:14:00 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

bro im stuck now in the camp..there is no damn flights goin to the so damn unlucky..i wish i can fly asap..
u knw how it feels when u abut to leave and things get no go..damn man i wanna go HOME!!
dude i slept yeastnight in freezing tent without blanket or any cover..guess wat i did??i used the Matrices and covered my body with it..that was fun and then i heared soldiers coming in and they said is there anybody sleeps here?then they lift it and they saw me and they said Sorry man!!..
then i was just laughing and there were laughing too..
that was fun but freezing lol..
yea bro good luck for us in exams..
be easy bro..
c ya

Sunday, May 11, 2008 9:46:00 PM  
Blogger RhusLancia said...

Thanks for the supplemental answers Sam & Sami!

On my #23 (democracy): Hayder al-Khoei said he thinks Iraqis will vote their sect next time too, but each election they'll nudge more secular. I hope so, the sooner the better.

One thing I used to say a lot (don't say it so much now but I still believe it) is that elections in Iraq should have been every two years for a while (like ten years) before going to a four year cycle. It was mainly a way to get Maliki out of there democratically, but honestly lately it seems he's getting his legs under him.

Oh well. Good luck, stay safe, stay strong, & hope your leave works out Sam!

Monday, May 12, 2008 9:33:00 AM  
Blogger Iraqi Mojo said...

Nice blog, Sam, and interesting post. Abass says the first question he got from an American soldier was "are you Sunni or Shi3i?" How many soldiers have asked you this question?

Monday, May 12, 2008 11:28:00 AM  
Blogger Marshmallow26 said...

Hello Sam,

I will cross my fingers for your return and exams!!
and by the way, congrats for scoring #1 on the Iraqi Bloggers Central blogroll


Monday, May 12, 2008 4:01:00 PM  
Blogger Sam said...

well Rhuslancia i'd prefer ten years for elections cuz if its for 2 years there will be no improvment, u knw y?cuz ppl that will be selected they will be busy in staling money and coraption cuz they got only 2 years and they'll leave thier if its 10 years they'll have time to work for the country and for thier own busniess i mean the staling busniss..thats wat i think!!
Iraqi mojo to be honist, when i used to work with the Marines no1 asked me if im shitte or sunni only when they ask abut my story and y im terp now..i tell them im Shitte and that wat happened to me and samething may happen to Sunnis..
but with Army may be 1 from every 25 soldier i know asked me wat i'm..cuz the Army works in Shitte and Sunni areas so they ask...and thank u bro for stopping by..
Marsho, hello sis,
oh yea i realy need luck and i need the inshalla works with sick today and i got cold now..
supposly i fly out at 14th but nothin quarntied..i WANNA GO HOME PLZZZZZ...i hate waiting..its too bad cuz i might go home and i got cold..damn it..
oh yea sis once ive seen it i was like WOOOOOOW, r they talkin abut my blog???Sam wake up it cud be dream!!
well i just wanna thank everybody from deep my heart for everything u ppl have done to me..from reading my posts and support and comments....etc.
im so thankful to god and to person made me believe im gonna work it out and it'll success..
thanx so muchhhh...gracius mocho..
be easy everybody..

Semper Fi,
SAM US Army Terp

Monday, May 12, 2008 7:39:00 PM  
Blogger RhusLancia said...

Ha! Yeah, you've got a point, Sam. Anyway, four years it is!

Take care

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 7:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you should be proud of being a virgin! not many American girls can be their husband's first. be sure to give that to your wife, no matter what these marines say. the problem with army soldiers and marines is that they are both the best and the worst of American culture and I think the best of it is usually hidden deep down inside. The best is that which motivated them to sign up for the Army, to serve their nation, regardless of whether they agree or disagree with the policy. The worst is that they are often the most banal of our citizens, some of the loosest morals, the most cursing, the least amount of politeness. I think a lot of that is a hard shell they put up because they hurt so much being away and they are young and it is how everyone else around them is.

Learn what you can from them, and take the best of what they have to offer, but do not succumb to their pressures! The arab culture is so beautiful in that their morals are pure and they are the most hospitable of all people. I know the bad acts of those insurgents are not representative of Islam or of the Arabs. Don't lose that, but also realize the Americans you work with also come from a rich culture, in their own right. Take the best of both cultures and use them to make yourself and even stronger person.

Be safe.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008 9:13:00 AM  
Blogger onix said...

for me this is not so revealing, i have seen ppl motivated through hate on the winning side before.
yeah well maybe for some honesty is revealing, but what is surprising from the outcome?
the second translator thinx: no the usians should stay i am not in us yet.
one prerequisite for leaving irak could be first exporting these terps.
Well yes interesting it is, what you guys think and see there in these watchtowers.. nothing happened after 28th april?

Friday, May 16, 2008 2:05:00 PM  

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