Friday, January 22, 2010

Rap Poetry, Terps Bomb!!

Watz crackin homies?! lol
Watz goin on fellas? Here im back! I jst finished my first semester exams in graduate year, few more months and I'll be fuckin graduated!!!
Its boring outta here, so I I decided to "arrange" not to "rearrange" my room cuz its never been arranged by me before!lol
So anyways, I found my diary book for the old days, I was looking at it and I found a rap poetry that me and my fellas wrote back in old days..
We intended to video it and sing it and may be publish it in youtube or something, bt we cudnt find the time and the mood to do that..
So Im gonna publish it here in my blog, I hope u fellas will like it!!

We called it, TERP BOMB!!

Last year I was broken,
This year im workin interpreter and now everybody tryin to come around like they owe me somethin..
wat the fuck u want from me?
U want set up rules and restrictions?.. Get the fuck outta here..
U see im jst a local interpreter..
Im jst a regular guy wana get some money..
Yea, yea , yea this mad Sam, Big Brown and uncle Tom..
We finixin drop this song its called the Terp bomb..
Wat happen wen u be the main source of ur family pains and worries?
Sony u got to stay home, daddy im sorry I got money to get, am packing my stuff and my lil sis blocking the door and mom crying..
Am sorry momy i got POC cuttin my time-sheet..
Then I turned around and told them I love you..
That’s the terps, that’s Sam, that’s Tom, that’s Brown, may be we crazy but we got to get money!!
Sleepin in my room with almost other 10 guys for all the motha fucka eyes!
Cant even beat my meat in peace!
I put my food in the fridge, I even put my name on it!
But still this fat motha fucker eating my crackers,
I try to relax in my bed and have wet dreams, get away from the bitching, then LT comes around tells me I got a mission in 14 hundred!!
And I go like, fuck that shit, gangsta..
I get on my gear, go out to the trucks, sleepy eyes but I don’t want to be here, hell its hot as fuck..
I grap the Rip It and pray I wont be ripped!!
I ride around for hours talk to people back and forth..
I swear sometimes I'd like to slap these idiot whores..
Wat happen wen we be in the middle of actions?!
Everybody tryin to bite a piece of my flesh..
And everything u stand for turns on u despite u..
10.000 ppl lookin at me and callin me traitor!!
No, no I jst dnt get it!!
Now am traitor but wen u get a contract for million greens, u wont be traitor!!
Deceivers and tyrants,yea that’s you..
Just get the fuck outta here!!

We didnt finish writing it, bt i hope we did!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heck Sam, I was born and raised on country music. Rap ain't my thang. God is great, beer is good, people are crazy........

Saturday, February 06, 2010 3:04:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Sam, how r ya dude??????

i know its been very long since last time commented, trust me, i was travelling for some wine and bear! lol , im joking. it was for work.

how r things man? hows your work? studying 75% engineer, lol?

surely you are having difficulties and maybe you see everything is cancelled i your eyes, but dot worry, its the beginning, and its a right beginning , it should be hard Sam!! however, i hope there is no difficulty. :-)

tell us more of your stories Sam, i enjoy reading and commenting.

howz HEROINE? how r things with her? does she treat you well? or just like your ex Amy?

plz, write sth abt it dude and asap!!

Im eager to know, and there are many questions, a new post please.



Wednesday, February 17, 2010 7:10:00 AM  

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