Saturday, August 30, 2008

I HATE ****

Hello everybody,
this post is totally diffrent from other posts..
this one im writing it and im full with anger..i just wanna say I HATE IRAQ, I HATE MOST OF THE IRAQIS which they r my fellow citizens..
i hate to be iraqi, sometimes i wished i born somewhere else not in this damn place iraq, but i stop wishin that cuz i might not find Amy somewhere else..
tonight something happened to me from a damn iraqis they call themselves Muslims, Arabs and a fuckin Iraqis and they in fact they r scum and trash..
i hate iraq and most of the iraqis cuz most of my ppl they r hypocrites, they r a damn double face, and fuckin liars..
Am so ashamed from wat im sayin but this is wat i feel and this is less wat i realy have in my heart now..
i knw when i'll calm down i wont regret for anything i said now in this post while im angry and so mad now..and the blog like vent to me so i can through out all the anger from my heart..
i just HATE IRAQ and most of the IRAQIS..
GOD i hate this PLACE and i cant get the hell out of this shit hole..
GOD plzzzzzz help me out..
tx everybody for sharing my feelings with me..