Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Got Fuckin Graduated

The other day my dept. did a lil graduation party in one of the big clubs in Baghdad,

its was kinda fun, even though i aint good with parties and i even dont know how to dance the iraqi dancing!!

the coolest thing and i realy enjoyed that day, is the noise that we made from our house ( we went 4 cars with very damn loud speakers and pimping the cars) we drove nuts to the college and then from college ( more then 30 pimped car) and we stopped and blocked the main street and we danced in the street like crazy graduated MoFus', we were driving in convoies, blocking the roads and fuckin around with cars :)

i wish that i can post pix of that day, but it will disclose my ID :( but i'll post this pic that shows the back of my car and how i pimped it, it shows that Im a computers Engineer lol..

so anyways, im in our way to college at one of the traffic, the next car to me driver, asked me if he can borrow my keyboard that i got in the trunk :) cuz his one is broken, i was like dude, bring it to me, i'll fix it for u, am a god damn engineer dude, but u got to show me the green papers first (Dollars), so i can rip u off :) lol..

that was fun..

at the party i jst wished one thing, I wished Heroine was with me in the party, and i swear i'll get in the stage and grap the mic and sing for her " Mark Anthony, My Babe You".. As I lookin into your eyes, i see all the reasons why, My life worth a 1000 skies, you are the simplest love i've known, and the purest one i own, Know you'll never be alone, .....I'll smooth you if you fall, i'll be right there when you call, you are my greatest LOVE of ALL, Heroine I feel so alive..

and i'd say infront all my Colleagues "Heroine I LOVE YOU, Marry me"..

damn fellas, lol most of the Colleagues danced but i didnt!! lol but it was noisy as hell, and my head was killing me..

at the end of the party me and friends of mine, we fought for the launch, everybody was snatching the others Kebab lol..we were starving!!lol..
Alright I think thats it for now, but wait for my next post which it'll be Shia and Sunnis in Iraq..
damn i think im gonna take a nap :)

Im sorry fellas but i had to delete anything can identify myself or locations, so i had
to cut the pics over and over..