Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Story Of Interpreter Shitty Life...

Date, written by,
7th-August-2007 Sam the Disloyal

In the name of God I start my misery story and I’ll try to do my best to remember everything I did and happened to me during this mean job..
I’ll say every good thing and bad thing I did without any fear and honestly I wont care what you thing about me when you read my story, but to let u know I’m proud for what I’ve done during this job and the reasons made me to go and get this job, but only god knows how much I hated this job but I liked it sometimes..
God helps me to be honest in what I’m going to write..
As I said I’ll say everything, everything I did and I’ll try to say it with details, I mean in every small thing and big things,
But before that I’ll try to write a little biography about myself,
My name is Sam, my DOB is 10th-Aug-1987, I finished high school and I went to college after that to study computers, then I finished the 1st year(junior) and then after a hard work and studying I passed that year hardly..
Then I tried to change my college to another college because the other college closer to where I live and there is a girl I liked and I tried to be closer to her, so I tried my best to change, but God did what he wanted and I couldn’t go to any college because I went to this shitty job..
I became interpreter because the insurgents threaten my family at 11th-November-2006 and they told us to leave our houses, since that time I lost the college because the money I was going to pay to the college my dad spent it on our leave from our houses..
Since that time I felt like I get shot in my heart because everything gone, all my dad built for more then 50 years gone for nothing, all gone..
That’s why I told my dad that I’ll be interpreter, then my dad refused this idea but I kept asking him to get this job and he always saying no and the reason was because I’ll put my life in big danger for good, not only during this job and being a disloyal for my country for Iraq and other many reasons..
I’m not going to lie abut it but he was telling me that I’m going to help occupation forces and I was always telling him that they are not occupiers, the real occupiers are the insurgents because they occupied our houses and they made me to lose my future and being a loser..
And after daily asking my dad to get this job.. He accepted me to get this job and he told me: “lessen son, I’ll let you get this job not for the money but to teach how is the military life” he told me that while we were driving to somewhere, I remember all our conversations abut this job were in the car..
In the same time my friend Ford he was encouraging me to get this job because he wanted to be interpreter too..
Meanwhile we were trying to move what we can from our Dead House to our new house that we going to live in..
I was carrying some stuff in the car and driving by our Sunni neighbors and I was trying to keep my anger from them because everything was because of them, I really hate them because we were very good neighbors to them.. but they didn’t care, they just hate everyone he is Shia whatever who is he and what he is, they are cock suckers..
At 17th-Nov-2006 I singed the disloyal contract, I mean Titan contract after conversation test and security screenings..
I didn’t do writing test because I’ve done it already be4 more then year..
I used to go to titan just for fun, just to talk to Americans..
After 17th I used to call titan to ask them when is my flight to K.V.(Korean Village) and Ford was scared from calling them because he was getting confused when talks in the phone with American.. he doesn’t have self-confident.
At 21st-Nov me and Ford were in our dead house because supposedly our flight to Al-Assad and then to K.V was at 22nd and I wanted to spent my last night in Baghdad in our house, in my big room and around 6:30 to 7:00 at night(winter time) after the last prayer of the day we had fire from gunmen for about 5mins and they were yelling but I couldn’t understand what the fuck they were saying, me and Ford we were very scared and I went underneath my bed and I told Ford to get the fuck away from the windows and he went behind my bed and he were just like “Sam that’s what u wanted to be???” He was just cursing and blaming me because I insisted to spent the last night in our house..
Before we get the shots for a while Ford was calling his friends to say bye and he was crying just like a little girl and saying to his friends “I’m not going to forget you, I’ll be back and I love you dude, blah blah blah…”
I was just making fun of him and mean a while we get the shots and suddenly my cell phone ringed and I was just like oh my god its not the right time for ringing and then I just switched it off, it was my brother, then I turned the torch off so these bastards wont know which room we are..
After the fire stopped I told Ford to go down to my mom and dad’s room because its so deep down the house..
We went there and I brought my Dad’s AK47 to defend ourselves..
we went inside the room and we locked the door and we were waiting for anyone comes inside so I shot him or he shots me..
then I sent my brother an SMS and I told him we had attack me and Ford..
and I sent an SMS to Amy(the girl I like) I told her that we getting attack and the house classes breaking..
We had feeling that night won't be over but thanks God it was over peacefully…
I've already talked abut it in old post, but here with more details..
i'll keep posting a dairy that i've wrote during Aug. 2007..